- This is a terrific source of Biblical information.

Coach Meyer Basketball Website - Northern State University (South Dakota) is the home of legendary basketball coach, Don Meyer, who is featured in this book.

Christian Family Services - This is the webpage for Christian Family Services, a Christian adoption and counseling agency.

Hope for Haiti's Children - A mission effort of which Steve Hawley is a part.

Jovenes en Camino Children's Home - Translated into English as "Children on the Way," this is the webpage of a  Christian children's home in Tegucigalpa, Honduras.  Students of Westbury Christian and Friendship Christian (Lebanon, Tennessee) have helped pay for the construction of this wonderful facility.


Shine Missions  - This is the organization that coordinates mission trips to Honduras.

Mission Lazarus - The on-the-ground coordination of mission efforts to Honduras.

FriendSpeak - A program which teaches improved English skills through the reading of the gospel of Luke.

Westbury Christian   - This webpage is for Westbury Christian School (Houston, Texas), where Steve Hawley teaches and coaches.

 Westbury Church of Christ - This is Westbury Church of Christ, the home congregation of Steve Hawley.





















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